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Independence Day Quiz With Answers

Independence Day Quiz With Answers
Independence Day Quiz With Answers– At the time will enliven the independence of nusa and the nation, all communities in various corners of the world will hold a Independence Day Quiz With Answers.

Which will be presented at the time of the implementation of the independence of the whole world.

For those of you who may not know the leak about 14 august quiz questions and answers in english, then please just look at the discussion that the admin will share this time.

And let’s just look at the review below if you want to get a leak about the quiz that will be held in August.

Independence Day Quiz With Answers

Dear readers, in order to assist our users, we are going to publish a PDF of the Independence Day Quiz with Answers 2022 in English.

India will commemorate its 76th Independence Day at Lal Kila, private and public schools, colleges, universities, and other government institutions on August 15, 2022.

The government will also host a quiz tournament on this auspicious day. All of the pertinent questions and solutions are available for download for candidates who wish to take part in the quiz competition. A direct download link for the Independence Day quiz with answers PDF may be found below.

The 76th anniversary of Independence Day will be celebrated as planned by the administration. For all Indian people, it is an extremely important day. All of the significant quiz questions and their associated answers are available here.

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Independence Day quiz 2022 PDF with answers

Who will hoist the flag at the Red Fort during the national Independence Day ceremony in 2022?

Mr. Narendra Modi

From what city did the East India Company first engage in business with India?

Surat, India

When did the British crown begin to exert direct control over India?


The phrase “Do or Die” was first used by Mahatama Gandhi during which movement?

Movement to Leave India in 1942

Who is Lal, Bal, or Pal referred to as?

Who was the “Ghadar Party’s” first president?

Therefore Singh Bhakna

Who wrote the nationalistic poetry “Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna”?

Mr. Ram Prasad Bismil

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Who did India receive its freedom from? British origin

When did the Quit India Movement begin?


PDF of the Independence Day quiz from 2022

Which year did New Delhi become the nation’s capital?

February 13th, 1931

When and who lay New Delhi’s cornerstone?

1911: King George V

Which port did the Komagata Maru ship dock at on its way back to India?

Move, move, ghat

In Lal, Bal, Pal, who was the Bal?

Tilak Bal Gangadhar

Who was the Indian National Army’s founder?

Bose, Subhas Chandra

When was the Indian National Army established?


What do the three colors on the flag of the country stand for?

White (Peace), Saffron (Sacrifice), and Yellow (Prosperity) ( Green )

2022 Independence Day Test with Answers

Who developed the “Drain of Wealth” theory?

Father Naoroji

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Who created our country’s flag?

Venkayya Pingali

Which social reformer is renowned for working to abolish Sati?

Rammohan Roy Raja

What number of states and union territories (UTs) were established in accordance with the States Reorganization Act of 1956?

5 UTs and 14 States

What does the blue wheel symbolize on the national flag of India?

The justice law’s steering mechanism

Who is “the nightingale of India”—a liberation fighter—?

Sarraon Naidu

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