How To Keep Your Lungs Strong

How To Keep Your Lungs Strong
How To Keep Your Lungs Strong How To Keep Your Lungs Strong| Healthy lungs will make breathing stronger. What can be done to preserve it?

Breathing is a vital process in life. The Organ that has the main role in the respiratory system is the lungs. If the lungs function poorly, it can reduce the flow of oxygen throughout the body and increase the risk of developing other lung diseases.

The best advice for anyone who wants to have healthy lungs is, of course, not to smoke. In addition, a healthy diet can also increase your lung capacity.

Here are 6 other ways you can apply to maintain lung health:

  1. Taking antioxidants
    Fruits, especially those high in vitamin C, can protect the lungs from damage caused by oxidants.
  2. Improve the air in the room
    Make sure that enough air enters the House. Open the windows when you are cleaning the house furniture or doing other cleaning activities.
  3. Doing sports
    For those who rarely exercise, start this routine gradually. Do it at least 3 times during the week, starting from light exercise such as walking.
  4. Avoiding exposure to pollution
    As much as possible, avoid exposure to pollution such as dust, smoke, ash, etc. Use a mask when you are driving a motorcycle or other “open” vehicle.
  5. Drink enough water
    A sufficient amount of fluid maintains the condition of the body so that it does not become dehydrated. Dehydration conditions are certainly not good for the body in general.
  6. Choosing a safe product
    Pay attention to the label on the product you are about to buy – whether it contains risky chemicals or not.
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In a healthy body, there are strong lungs. To maintain lung health, in addition to eating a balanced nutritious diet and exercising, you can also take health supplements.

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