[Watch Video] Popek Owczarek || Popek Owczarek Twitter

[Watch Video] Popek Owczarek || Popek Owczarek Twitter

Recently seen one of the news that became the center of attention of the hottest in a number of internet platforms where this themed viral video Popek Owczarek || Popek Owczarek Twitter.

Popek Monster is a controversial figure, but everyone in Poland knows him. The musician, who belongs to the legendary hip-hop group Firma, the formation of which created the slogan JP na 100% (this is not about the Polish Pope), constantly makes sure that he is heard.

In the past era, facilities wrote about him mainly because of his problems with the law. Popek faces up to 7 years in prison. When he was convicted again in 2007, he fled to Great Britain, where he hid from the service (he was wanted on a European Arrest Warrant for robbery).

Who Popek Owczarek || Popek Owczarek Twitter

He was the godfather of the patho school. He became famous for filming his behavior under the effects of alcohol and drugs while he was hiding in a garage in the United Kingdom. This included starting his MMA career in the UK, which continues to this day.

In addition to music, fights, and patho-streaming, Popek – and international – fame was achieved by recording videos in which he showed that he was able to prevent unnatural pain. Popek, on the other he hanged himself with a hook stuck into his skin, his face cut and there are still scars, and his eyeballs tattooed. These are just a few examples of options.

The last few years, Popek doesn’t seem crazy anymore. But recently, he again shot a video, including: he drank cocaine. Her “nude photos”, that is, materials that show more than the star usually shows, were also leaked online.

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In addition, walking further changes in appearance (Popek tattooed all his face), which, according to some netizens, means that the musician will subsequently need help.

Popek Owczarek Niemiecki Video

Rapper and Psychotropic MMA fighter by another name HST DjobeĊ‚, who is a little less known figure than Popek, but equally controversial (he went to punishment for stabbing his girlfriend’s cousin in the chest several times; he tried to commit ritual suicide in a tape immediately watched by lovers ) shot a video accusing the founder of the company of mistreating German shepherd dogs.

I will send the entire film to pro-animal organizations and foundations that will report the next problem to the right place. As I said in the video, for those who haven’t seen the whole footage, Popek is masturbating and touching the dog’s face with his penis. I will not succumb to any threats, any intimidation, any attempts to silence me, – says the psychotrope in the tape.

Chronologically Popek Owczarek Filmik Viral

As proof, the musician next added a censored cut of the video to the recording, in which Popek’s voice is heard saying:

Hello, German Shepherd. Do you want a punch in the face? You’re full of shit. There he is!

Popek Monster together quickly commented on the footage, shot his own video, but he did not deny the words of Psychotrop, but only confirmed some of them.

I lost my mind, I willed to cause jokes that I was not proud of. I didn’t fuck any shepherd dog – said the celebrity in the tape.

So a little summary of the existence of viral news from Who Popek Owczarek || Popek Owczarek Twitter which admin can convey to all of you. So much and thanks:)

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